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People praying together with their hands intertwined.

Prayer Ministries at FUMC of Glen Ellyn

Prayer Chain: An Opportunity for Community and Service

Woman with her hands folded in prayer over a Bible.

The Prayer Chain is a caring ministry that has been working quietly in our congregation for many years. As you might guess, the chain is made of many links, which in this case, are members of our congregation praying for the concerns of others in our congregation. Sometimes a person would like to request prayers for a concern or a loved one and at the same time, they would like to keep that concern confidential.


Prayer requests are received by the church office, the pastor, or directly from a church member to the Prayer Chain coordinator. The Prayer Chain coordinator will then relay the request to the members of the Prayer Chain, usually via a private phone call. Each prayer chain member lifts the prayer to God in their own way for at least a two week period. If the person making the prayer request wishes prayers for more than two weeks, that information is also passed on to the group.

The Prayer Chain is open to any members or friends of First Chuch, and we always welcome new links. If you would like to make the commitment to pray for others in this quiet, caring way, or if you have a prayer request you'd like to share with the Prayer Chain, please contact the church office at 630-469-3510 or Alternatively, you may submit your prayer request through the link below.

Men's Prayer Group

Open to any men in the congregation, the Men's Prayer Group meets virtually, via Zoom, every Wednesday from 7 - 8 a.m. Not only does the virtual format allow for more participation from local men, but it also enables the group to connect with former members who no longer live in the Glen Ellyn area. 

The Men's Prayer Group maintains strict confidentiality, allowing participants to feel comfortable sharing their concerns and prayer requests. 

Are you interested in joining the Men's Prayer Group? Please contact the church office at 630-469-3510 or We'd love to pray with and for you!

A man sitting in front of his computer participating in Men's Prayer Group at GEUMC.
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