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Appalachia Service Project (ASP)

When you think of mission trips, where does your mind take you? Third-world countries, perhaps? While there are many places to support, there is also great need closer to home.

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Appalachia Service Project (ASP) was founded in 1969 to serve families in Central Appalachia with providing warmer, safer, and drier housing. This transformational ministry meets people right where they are, supporting fairness and justice to all.

In 2023, First Church was proud to celebrate 50 years of supporting ASP with our annual summer mission trip. Our youth and adult volunteers prepare for their trip throughout the year, participating in fundraising and training activities. While our volunteers head to Appalacia prepared to serve others and share the love of God, they come back transformed. ASP is so much more than a mission trip - it is an opportunity for our youth to experience Christ in an entirely different way and intimately understand the influence their service can have on others.  

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