Worship at FUMC

Gathering for worship is a core value for FUMC. In worship we experience the presence of God and the spirit of fellowship as we gather to give praise to God, hear the Word of God preached, and gather as God's family around God's Table. FUMC offers a wide variety of worship experiences weaving together the ancient with the modern and contemporary. 
Worship for the Soul

Our seniors are important to us. Even when life's journey takes the difficult pathway of a memory disorder. Worship for the Soul is a fellowship of volunteers and local care agencies offering our memory-challenged seniors a way to connect to those deep memories and experience of faith. Regardless of your tradition, all Christians of any tradition are welcome at this monthly gathering. 


The gathering begins with simply gathering. It is followed by a time of hymn singing, especially those hymns which are dear to our seniors hearts. It is followed by a time of Scripture reading, prayer, and a short pastoral message. The gathering is topped off with a "coffee hour" following the service. 


The COVID-19 pandemic put this ministry on hold. It is now in its reforming and reorganizing stage after the pandemic. We are inviting ecumenical partners to be a part of this ministry. If you are interested in volunteering or having your congregation participate, please contact Dr. Diss at dr.daniel.diss@gmail.com.


We believe that worshiping God is the deepest activity of the human spirit. In fact, it lies at the heart of who we understand ourselves to be. Worship is our expression to what God is doing in and among us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Services are open to everyone, and you are invited to attend regularly.


10:30am Worship -- In-person or on Zoom


Wednesday Prayer Groups

One of our most important ministries is our prayer ministry. We have committed groups who gather on Wednesday mornings to pray for the concerns of the world and community, the congregation, each other, individuals, families, friends, and even strangers! If you would like to make a regular time of prayer a part of your life and find the friendship and support which can only be found in a prayer group, join us at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesdays

These are all informal with no pressure to speak aloud unless you are comfortable doing so.