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Bible Study​

Wednesday Bible Study

Contact: Daniel Diss (
Location: Dining Room
When: 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday
September through April we gather to study the texts assigned for worship for the coming week whether they are assigned by a lection-ary or ones chosen by the preacher for the day. Pastor Daniel teaches.

Sunday Adult Bible Fellowship
Contact: Chuck Thompson ( )
Location: Wesley Room (B-2)
When: Sundays with Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.
This lively discussion of the Bible, it’s teachings, and application to our daily lives is led by an experienced Bible study teach, Mr. Chuck Thompson. With many years of experience, Mr. Thompson guides the con-versation to help each participant apply the biblical principles to their daily lives.

Short-Term Bible Studies & Topical Classes
Contacts: Sally Grenzow (, Robert “Bob” Anderson (,
Maurlea Babb (, or Pastor Daniel (
Location: Varies
When: As Announced
From time to time, several of our Bible study and adult classroom leaders offer short-term studies of books of the Bible, discussions of specific topics such as the environment or LGBTQ issues, or for finding comfort and support on topics like grief or sadness. Our team of experienced adult education leaders offer timely classes which enhance and offer tools for insight and growth for our spiritual, emotion, and physical well-being. In Fall 2018, Sally Grenzow is leading a short-term bible study on the book of Philippi-ans in her home on Thursday afternoons. Pastor Daniel will be leading a review discussion of the “Commission on the Way Forward” report and recommendation to the General Conference to be held in February 2019. Watch for announcements concerning these opportunities for learning and growth.

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