Fellowship & Service Ministries

Everyone wants and needs a place to belong. If you are looking for people in a similar circumstance or people who desire to serve the community, FUMC offers a variety of opportunities for everyone of all ages. Find you faith home at the heart of Glen Ellyn! 
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Fellowship Groups

Our spiritual lives are enriched through our friendships. FUMC offers a wide variety of fellowship groups for all ages. If you enjoy dining out, learning about other places in the world and their needs, want to be challenged to think outside the box, or simply enjoy singing with others, there is a group for you at FUMC. 

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Service Groups

Our most powerful witness to God's presence in our lives is how we serve others. FUMC offers a wide variety of service groups for all ages. If you have a passion to assist the homeless, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, teaching youth the value of service or simply want to volunteer in the office, FUMC has an opportunity for service for you.